What Our Insurance and Financial Students Say...

Paul G. - 03/23/2011
Fred was a great instructor, we really enjoyed working with him for the afternoon
Richard P. Gailunas - 01/07/2011
Thank you!! This is a great class.
A. Kreps - 10/23/2010
Excellent two days. Extensive knowledge obtained for funding of college education and wealth building.
A. Just- Casper WY - 08/24/2010
Hands down, this was the best C.E. class I have taken. The instructor was excellent. He got the class involved, and gave good examples or scenarios, so the material was easy to understand. He also gave us a few shorter breaks, rather than longer breaks just once or twice, which was nice. When you have to sit for such a long period of time, you get restless and burned out if you don't have the chance to get up and move around/go to the bathroom/get something to drink, ect. Just a great class all the way around
Duane L. Kirkley - 08/16/2010

I passed the state exam in property /casualty last week. The test was difficult but I got through it on the first try. A lot of hours were spent in preparing over the last month (about 6 hours each week as well as the practice exams and 6 hours the day before the exam.)

Your training helped immensely as it focused on the material that WAS on the exam and allowed me to get a pretty educated guess on the surprise questions. I will see you again when I have to renew.

M. Patricia Price - 08/16/2010
R. Navarro - 08/16/2010
This is the first time I enjoyed getting CE credits
Tama Glazebrook-Hinckley - 08/16/2010
I enjoyed the class so much! Will certainly be back for more CE credits and more training soon. Thank you!
Sharon K Kajfosz - 08/16/2010
I've taken other classes, in my experience this one was the best. The instructor was great
Tiffany Shannon - 08/16/2010
I enjoyed the ethics class and the discussion made the topic more interesting. Good facilitation.

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