What Our Insurance and Financial Students Say...

R. Crowley - 10/13/2011
Great course. Thank you.
J. Hanson - 09/19/2011
I really enjoyed the class.
M. Moore - 09/09/2011
The class curriculum tends to be a bit dry, but Joe does a good job of making it interactive w/an open mind and dialogue. Thanks
B.Hall - 09/09/2011
I am pleased to receive my CE Credts from EAgle. It is evident of the passion they have in offering and delivering "quality" training to their clients/ agents. Thank You - see you in another 2 years!
Sara Nunez - 08/15/2011
Joe, I just finish my exam and I passed. They don't give you a score and wondering if there is a way to know it. It was not difficult if someone studies the material (I studied for 10 hrs yesterday) and becomes familiar with the terms and of course does the simulation exams on line which I did 6 times . I will see u soon when I'm ready to do my health license. I want to thank you for the great class on Saturday. Sincerely, Sara Nunez
B. Sandoval - 08/01/2011
Thank you, Peter Cook and Joe Quijano for always going above and beyond to accommodate your students/class. I've referred a few co-workers (Deb Stoffel, Desiree Schans and Beth Riley) for your upcoming CE Classes.
Paul G. - 03/23/2011
Fred was a great instructor, we really enjoyed working with him for the afternoon
Richard P. Gailunas - 01/07/2011
Thank you!! This is a great class.
A. Kreps - 10/23/2010
Excellent two days. Extensive knowledge obtained for funding of college education and wealth building.
A. Just- Casper WY - 08/24/2010
Hands down, this was the best C.E. class I have taken. The instructor was excellent. He got the class involved, and gave good examples or scenarios, so the material was easy to understand. He also gave us a few shorter breaks, rather than longer breaks just once or twice, which was nice. When you have to sit for such a long period of time, you get restless and burned out if you don't have the chance to get up and move around/go to the bathroom/get something to drink, ect. Just a great class all the way around

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