What Our Insurance and Financial Students Say...

DONALD J STRIPLIN - 12/14/2009
Janet Julian - 12/14/2009
The Class was very interesting and the time went by fast because of that.
Brent B. Miller - 12/14/2009
Thanks and enjoyed the course.
M. Herrera - 09/11/2009
Thank you very much as well for your fantastic class. I really learned a lot and hope to use some of the ideas in my business. I greatly appreciate you allowing me to hang around and continue with the class.
E. Reynolds - 09/11/2009
Good morning Joe, Thank you for the email. I really enjoyed the class this year. I found it really informative and enlightening. I got alot of information that I WILL put into practice. Thank you for your help in getting me CE credits for my license renewal
Curt Babbitt - 03/04/2009
Once again Joseph keeps my attention, Thanks Again
Adrienne Karvay - 03/04/2009
Thank you for a very worthwhile experience, well worth the 8 hour round trip travel time from Steamboat Springs, Co!
Ronald Monson - 03/04/2009
Good job, keep it going!
marvin schweid - 03/04/2009
great class fast moving easy to pay attention thank you
Shelley Taminga - 12/11/2008
Thank you for filing my credits so fast!

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