What Our Insurance and Financial Students Say...

Adrienne Karvay - 03/04/2009
Thank you for a very worthwhile experience, well worth the 8 hour round trip travel time from Steamboat Springs, Co!
Ronald Monson - 03/04/2009
Good job, keep it going!
marvin schweid - 03/04/2009
great class fast moving easy to pay attention thank you
Shelley Taminga - 12/11/2008
Thank you for filing my credits so fast!
Kia Vang - 11/18/2008
I am so glad to have taken your live class, it not only give me a fast way to complete my CE credit, but gave me a new vision at the path that I have chosen, it has lighten the dark for me to see the future, it has given me better self-esteem, it has given something to hope for, and strength to move toward my goals of becoming financially independent. I will tell you something, after class, I was not able to sleep or eat. For that whole weekend, I was thinking what if I would have done these 10 years ago, and then I would not have been in this situation and would be half way into reaching my goals and dreams.

Thank you Eagle Education for open the door for me to see the future and not giving up on all that I have worked hard for.
Leslie Franklin - 11/11/2008
As of 8/5/08, I am a licensed producer for both Life and Health lines. Please keep me posted on CE opportunities.
R. Wagner - 11/04/2008
Enjoyed the class! It is the first time since CE was required by the State of Wyoming that I can truely say that I got something out of the class.
D. Kellner - 11/04/2008
It was a great course and a great instructor.
M. Prall - 10/31/2008
Took my exam today and PASSED!!! Peter Cook was a great teacher!

Megan Prall
Lauren - 10/31/2008
I wanted to send you a quick note, I passed the property and casualty insurance licensing examination. I wanted to thank you and the great study system which allowed me to confidently enter and pass the exam.
Thank you, Lauren

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