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Britney Baca - 11/21/2007
I really learned alot in my C.E. classes it was a great learning experiance for me i really appiciate all your time and effort Thank You again Britteny
Larry Chassen - 11/21/2007
Joe is a terrific instructor. he represents the best that professonal education can offer.
Monique Fransua-Sanchez - 11/21/2007
I enjoyed the class and would definitely use your training again for my CE credits.
Robert Gunnett - 11/19/2007
In thirty-two years in insurance I have had a lot of training and a lot of education and I've trained and educated agents myself. What I had in two days with you was one of the two best education experiences of my career and by far the best CE I have experienced. Here I refer especially to Becoming Your Own Banker. Wow. That is magic. By early in the afternoon of the first day the class, a very fun, diverse and interesting group, had jelled into almost family. That speaks well for your leadership. You'll see me again.
Edward F. Altman, Jr. - 10/25/2007
Eagle Live Classes I feel offer the best way to interact with others in a learning environment. It is far superior than online learning, which is offered by my firm!
In my opinion , Joseph Quijano is value added since taking over from Larry Larsen. The classes are better. Joe even comes to some of them. I remember one day about four years ago he attended a class in Aurora at the Hilton; and, discussed among other topics the Federal Grant monies for colleges. I had not ever heard of this program. I mentioned it to one of my clients , who has six children, and is wealthy. He had one of his children apply and was granted some scholarship monies. Needless to say, this client felt indebited to me.
Edward F. Altman, Jr.
First Vice President
Wachovia Securities
1200 17th Street
suite 2500
Denver, CO 80202
Denise Radochonski - 08/02/2007
I truly enjoyed the class, the information and the one on one. I will check my credits...my license is valid until November 08. I may need a few more credits...
I am not sure at this moment.

Thank you again.
Greg - 07/09/2007
Hi Joe,

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exams. Thank you for doing such a good job teaching us.
Beth - 07/09/2007
Just a quick FYI. I took my Life exam test on Saturday and passed
Kathy Carpenter - 06/26/2007
Just to inform you, as requested, I passed all four parts of my test last Thurs. Thank you!
Kathy Carpenter
Clint Sales - 06/09/2007
Thank you. I really enjoyed Jim as an instructor and found the class helpful.

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