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Eagle Financial Planning, LLC is Hosting Continuing Education Classes offering Infinite Banking Concept for Whole Life Insurance
Eagle Financial Planning

Eagle Financial Planning, LLC is hosting continuing education classes in conjunction with Larry Larsen'?'s Eagle Educational Systems.

Eagle Financial Planning, LLC services individual life insurance and annuities. Its specialty is participating whole life insurance - the foundation of sound financial planning. Eagle Financial Planning, LLC is known as the Infinite Banking Educators

Insurance Continuing Education: Infinite Banking Concept

Nelson Nash's Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is an educational tool that teaches the value of using the cash values in a whole life policy, through policy loans, to finance the purchase of a tangible product. The basic premise of the Infinite Banking Concept is using money accumulated in whole life insurance to finance almost anything you can imagine.

Learn how the power of whole life insurance combined with the Infinite Banking Concept can empower your clients to take control of their financial future. The first part of this course provides a foundation of life insurance with a focus on how whole life policies work, including riders and benefits. In the second half of the class you will learn how Nelson Nash's Infinite Banking Concept maximizes the value of whole life for your clients.

We're sorry, but this class is not currently scheduled.

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