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Hello, insurance and financial professionals!     Welcome to the 21st century!     Guess what...?

Our industry continues to change every year and with these changes, we need to know more than ever before.

We are required to know and follow the new laws, regulations and statues governing our industry as well as learning new concepts and products to help our clients achieve their goals. This in turn, will make us invaluable to our clients for their insurance exam prep.

Our continuing education requirement every two years was developed with the intent to help us become more competent. However, the method we choose to meet our C.E. requirement can make a big difference to our clients and to our careers. We, at Eagle education support 'Live' classroom C.E. training. It has been proven that competency and knowledge levels are enhanced when students attend a classroom setting as opposed to utilizing on line or home study alternatives.

OK, you know you need to meet this requirement and you need it now!

Do you know how many CE credits YOU need? You can find out here!

Where can you find the in-depth education that will not only satisfy your state mandated continuing education requirement, but also provide you with the confidence and skills to become the most successful professional that you can be?

Since 1992, Larry Larsen's Eagle Education has been serving the insurance C.E. and Pre-Licensing needs of insurance and financial services professionals with 'live' hands-on classroom training designed to help you learn, engage and grow. Starting in 2003, under the direction of Joseph Quijano, CFP, Eagle Education has added an On-Site C.E. and Pre-Licensing Training option (where we come to your location).

Eagle Education offers On-Line and Home-Study Training Options to serve those professionals who have difficulty attending a 'live' class.
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