'Loved the class interaction and the friendly atmosphere.'

Judy Strouse

'Thank you for a very worthwhile experience, well worth the 8 hour round trip travel time from Steamboat Springs, Co!'

Adrienne Karvay

This is Anita Candelarie and just wanted to email great news I PASSED!!!
Thanks for your help and encouragement.
Have a wonderful day.'

Anita C.

'Thank you!! This is a great class.'

Richard P. Gailunas

'Hi! I was in your life/health class on the 16th & 17th of April. Just wanted you to know I took the test yesterday and passed both sections. Thanks for all your help!!'

Sherrie Muldoon

'Becoming Your Own Banker is tremendous. Too bad this wasn't being taught years ago'

H. Van Hees

'Hello Joe... I wasn't sure you received my previous email offering my thanks for giving us Steve and Jim as our instructors but they were absolutely wonderful and certainly made the two day experience a very enjoyable one....Maybe you ...'

Joey Torregrossa

'Enjoyed the class! It is the first time since CE was required by the State of Wyoming that I can truely say that I got something out of the class.'

Roger Wagner

'Very good material and the instructor was awesome!'

M. Kauffman

'Thanks for your prompt response...and thanks again for the excellent class. I already have applied for my renewal via the internet and credit card vs. mailing the forms. All was done through your website!!' 

George Tinker

'great class fast moving easy to pay attention thank you'

Marvin Schweid

'The Class was very interesting and the time went by fast because of that.'

Janet Julian

'This class was very informative, enjoyable and a pleasure to attend--i learned a lot and it was fun! Thank you for making a necessary task so easy to achieve and for all your help and encouragement. i do recommend Eagle Education to others and will continue...'

Tama Glazebrook-Hinckley

' A great class & teacher! This was the most interesting and educational CE class I've taken...ever! I thought it was great that Joe went over Eagle's website, the state's website, and how to renew my license! Today when I was renewing, it was easy & ...'

Allison Lewis

'This was my favorite CE course taken so far'

Mark E Johnson

'Joseph: I wanted to send you a quick note, I passed the property and casualty insurance licensing examination. I wanted to thank you and the great study system which allowed me to confidently enter and pass the exam.'


'I am so glad to have taken your live class, it not only give me a fast way to complete my CE credit, but gave me a new vision at the path that I have chosen, it has lighten the dark for me to see the future, it has given me better self-esteem, it has...'

Kia Vang

'Excellent two days. Extensive knowledge obtained for funding of college education and wealth building.'

A. Kreps

'Great class. See you again in the future classes.'

Anilda Roehrig

'I passed my test on Friday! I just thought I'd let you know.'

Wendy Hauble

'Great course. Thank you.'

R. Crowley

'Thank you for filing my credits so fast!'

Shelley Taminga

'Hey Joe, Just wanted to let you know that I went to take my test for Life on Thursday and passed it was my first try.'


'Thanks and enjoyed the course.'

Brent B. Miller

'Eagle Live Classes I feel offer the best way to interact with others in a learning environment. It is far superior than online learning, which is offered by my firm!
In my opinion , Joseph Quijano is value added since taking over from Larry L...'

Edward F. Altman, Jr.

'Joe, Just wanted to inform you I finally had an opportunity to take the insurance exams. I am glad to report that I have passed all four sections. I appreciate all your help. Have a good day.'

Brian Tracy

'Joe, The training helped tremendously. I passed the exam yesterday. Thank you,'

Mike Mills